DJ Bloggy

Open format DJ that mixes a bit of everything! Based in Oxfordshire, I DJ in local bars and clubs. I also have my own sound and lighting systems which allows me to play at private events such as birthdays and weddings!

You can also find me streaming to Raiders Radi…

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DJ Dave C

From starting out helping the ‘tech’ guys on a local hospital radio station in Colchester to running my very own radio show back in the 80’s, I now gig live in and around Oxfordshire offering a selection of singing and/or DJ’ing for every type of event. During lo…

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Dead Bonsai

Dead Bonsai is a UK-based breaks DJ/producer that started DJ in the late 80's & early 90's during the UK acid house/rave scene. Over the years playing multiple genres, from hardcore, breaks and house, and has now come full circle to return back to breaks again.


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Harry Run

DJ Harry Run- Harry’s being DJ,ing since 1992- His passion for dance music has played a massive part of his life and continues to grow- he’s played for dance events such as Elevation and Summer Thunder and has now joined the Raiders of the lost rave family- his lo…

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Jose Saavedra

Jose’s passion for dance music started in 1987 at the age of 11 when he bought his first 12-inch record (Krush - House Arrest). He lives in Liverpool but grew up in Hertfordshire and went raving in the 90s at events such as United Dance, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter…

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DJ Kismet

I have always been open minded with music, listening to a wide spectrum of genres. Discovering the underground dance music scene in the early 90s was a huge milestone in my life. Instantly, I fell in love with the rave scene and house music around the same time.

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Phil C

Music has always been his passion, ever since he was a young boy. He enjoys playing quality live mixes with all genres of music. He always wants to satisfy his crowd and clients, making sure they are having a great time with a quality service.

Phil C started his …

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DJ Seebeat

My name is Sebastian and I am originally from Poland. I started my DJ career back in Poland around 20 years ago. I was playing in the biggest clubs in Poland such as Protector, X-Demon and Heaven. Life made me come to the UK and I stayed here till now. I opened a …

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Darren Pyefinch

‘Loved breakdance, Northern Soul and disco since I was a kid in the 80s.

DJed since 1993 and was resident uni DJ playing lots of soul, acid jazz, house, techno, and much more.

Played various Midlands bars and small clubs including promoting my own night at the V…

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DJ Snowy

Been a DJ for over 30 years, started off in my bedroom as most of us do, moved into the mobile and club environment in Germany, played in Oman & Cyprus and more recently back in the UK continuing to play mobile gigs, weddings, birthdays, boxing events and other fu…

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The Break Doctor

The Break Doctor brings UK flavors, from Garage to rave, to DnB. Originating from England, and experiencing the UK rave scene which then morphed to jungle, DnB and UK Garage. He has a weekly show on and has played events for 4orce Productions,…

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DJ Westy

My Music & DJ journey started way back in the early 90’s. The bedroom was covered in rave flyers & a set of Technic 1210’s in the corner! I used to love raves & clubbing back in the day & the love of music has never left. Fast forward to today & you will find me o…

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DJ Zimmer

Old in Body but Young in mind.
Have Been an avid music nut from the mid 70s to the present day.

Grew up on disco and Funk then Chicago house came along then the house sound really kicked off from there and I have been an avid follower of everything House right up t…

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