DJ Kismet

DJ Kismet

I have always been open minded with music, listening to a wide spectrum of genres. Discovering the underground dance music scene in the early 90s was a huge milestone in my life. Instantly, I fell in love with the rave scene and house music around the same time.

My DJ career started during my Uni days as resident DJ at the student union. Since then I’ve played on various underground radio stations, landed significant corporate events, and even ran a mobile DJ company.

In the years that followed, I secured gigs with Iridescence, The House Of House, Calling The Hardcore, and Dance Conspiracy.

In 2020 I became part of a DJ community, where I continued growing my skills. This led to 

performing for Global Breaks Festival where my love for breaks returned in a big way!

My multi-genre taste helps me push boundaries and craft standout sets. For me it’s more than just mixing tracks, it’s about taking people on a journey.

You can also find me streaming on Lazer FM , please check the web site for details.


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